Temporary Care Program


Domestic Violence

Your pets have a place to go when you are escaping from a home with domestic violence

Whether you find a place to stay with family or friends, or need to go to a shelter, rest assured that Lost Our Home is here to provide temporary housing for your pet(s) until you find a safe, permanent home.

Domestic violence affects both people and their

pets.  It prompts many victims to remain in

abusive situations for fear of having nowhere

to escape to with their pet. 


Too often, people find themselves in abusive situations

that they must escape. Yet, it is more complicated when you have  pets. Statistics show that 40% of women will not leave an abusive situation for fear of what would happen to their pet if left behind. That fear is real. Statistics show that 85% of women and children entering a shelter report that their abuser had threatened, injured, maimed, or killed the family pet for revenge or psychological control. Yet only 3% of domestic violence shelters nationwide are able to accept pets. That is why Lost Our Home Pet Rescue specializes in helping domestic violence victims with their pets.


When you leave:

  • Make pets part of your safety plan. Colorado is one of 32 states that allows pets to be included in a protective order.•

  • Ensure that you have proper documentation of ownership for your pet. This includes adoption receipts, a license to establish ownership, and receipts from pet care expenses.

  • Pack a bag for your pet that includes: food, medicine, veterinary and vaccination records, a leash or carrier, ID and rabies tags, favorite toys and bedding.

  • If you must leave your pet behind, contact law enforcement to intervene.

Call Now:
Domestic Violence Hotline: 1 (800) 779-7233 (SAFE) or www.thehotline.org

Latimer House:  (970) 241-0324

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1 (800) 799.SAFE (7233)
Colorado Crisis Services:   (844) 493-8255



Homeless individuals often rely on their pets for comfort and companionship.  To remain together, many choose to forgo shelters or job training opportunities for fear of being separated from their companions.  Lost Our Home makes it possible for people ….

Our Temporary Care Program helps anyone who is homeless with the pet care they need so they can focus on getting on their feet and stabilizing their lives. The purpose of this program, which offers up to 90 days of care, is to reunite pets with their families following a time of crisis.

Homeward Bound of the Grand Valley: (970) 256-9424
Rescue Mission Family Shelter: (970) 245-5433
Grand Valley Catholic Outreach Day Center: (970) 263-9445
Salvation Army Day Center: (970) 242-7513
The House Youth Shelter (Ages 12-18): (970) 241-1445


Medical Emergencies

Having no one to care for a precious pet when unexpected medical emergencies, surgeries or illnesses force people and their pets apart, can leave many uncertain of how not only to care for themselves, but for their pets as well.  Lost Our Home supports families suffering from these medical emergencies.

                              Medical emergencies happen. And, too many                                people have no one to rely on for help with                                  their pets when they either must leave to get                                medical treatment or are incapacitated and                                  unable to care for their pet as they normally                                  do. Our Temporary Care Program can help.                                 The purpose of this program is to be able to eventually reunite pets with their families following a time of crisis.

Financial Hardships

Financial Hardships wreak havoc on people’s lives and the well-being of their pets.  Eviction, foreclosure, fires, floods… all of these events can force people and pets into unknown territory.  We can help in this period of uncertainty by caring for the pets and ensuring they are in good hands – easing some of the pressure on the pet parents.